The Triton Class



The world’s only wind and solar powered
ocean drone that sails and submerges
for unparalleled ocean data collection


Wind and Solar-Powered
Freedom to Go Further and Faster

A unique autonomous maritime technology that harnesses constant and renewable natural energy

Defense & Security

Ocean Aero vehicles are designed for stealth and survivability. Wind and solar power – with the ability to submerge – navigating agility for extended station and prolonged observation. 

Science & Research

Easily configurable for sensors with scalable power and payload, the vehicle is an ideal autonomous platform for a wide range of critical data collection and monitoring applications.

Offshore Communications

Self-powered and autonomous, the vehicle can serve as persistent ISR and cross-communications gateway for an array of critical air, surface and subsurface tasks.

Built for survivability and extended 

surface and subsurface autonomy

Cutting Edge Engineering

Wide Ranging Sensor Systems

Practical and easy to transport from land, sea or air, Ocean Aero vehicles have the power and payload for a wide range of sensors systems. With a sizeable (and scalable) 23kg payload area, the vehicle can transport and power up systems with 50 watts of continuous solar rechargeable battery power.

Ocean Aero In the News

Lockheed Martin & Energy Innovation Capital Invest in Ocean Aero

Lockheed Martin & Energy Innovation Capital Invest in Ocean Aero

By Ocean News - August 30, 2018 Ocean Aero, Inc.—builder of environmentally-powered, autonomous, unmanned, underwater and surface vehicles (AUUSV)— has secured multi-million-dollar strategic investments from both Lockheed Martin Ventures and Energy...

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