By Ocean News 

Ocean Aero, Inc.—builder of environmentally-powered, autonomous, unmanned, underwater and surface vehicles (AUUSV)— has secured multi-million-dollar strategic investments from both Lockheed Martin Ventures and Energy Innovation Capital (EIC) in a Series B funding round.

This is Lockheed Martin Ventures’ second investment in Ocean Aero and the initial investment for EIC in the unmanned maritime systems market. Both companies join Teledyne Marine as the primary investors behind Ocean Aero.

Lockheed Martin Ventures’ investment continues to increase the company’s maritime capabilities with a focus on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). EIC will provide Ocean Aero with significant growth opportunities in the energy and other commercial sectors.

“Since our initial investment in Ocean Aero last September, the company has continued to make great progress with the development of its unique technology,” said Chris Moran, executive director and general manager of Lockheed Martin Ventures. “The additional investments will allow Ocean Aero to scale its production capabilities and meet the diverse set of demands of a growing customer base using environmentally-powered, autonomous systems.”

Along with EIC’s investment, Kevin Skillern, a managing partner of the company, will join Ocean Aero’s Board of Directors.

“The energy industry constantly looks for new technologies that can increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase sustainability,” said Mr. Skillern. “Ocean Aero’s autonomous marine capabilities can help offshore operators and other commercial companies achieve these goals.”

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