Eleven-Day Excursion Along Famed California Coast Encounters Variety of Ocean Conditions
San Diego, California—March 5, 2018—The Ocean Aero Submaran™ (the first hybrid wind and solar-powered surface and subsurface vessel designed for extended ocean observation and data collection) recently completed a rigorous, 11-day endurance test along the coast of California. The Submaran, which is built for persistence, speed, and environmental efficiency, autonomously navigated its way from the renowned Monterery Bay to west of the Channel Islands near Long Beach.

“The Submaran succeeded across multiple tests, ranging from solar-power efficiency to communications to structural integrity to software operations.” says Eric Patten, CEO of Ocean Aero. “We learned a lot, and confirmed that our technology continues to perform at peak levels as we improve our production capabilities. We look forward to further long-distance, operational missions in 2018.”

During the test, the Submaran encountered a wide range of ocean conditions, from near calm wind and seas to Sea State 6, which featured winds in excess of 35 knots and wave heights more than 15 feet.

The Submaran’s sailing speed ranged from one to more than five knots during the deployment. Other operation milestones include the following:

Operational Milestones

  • Operated (on the surface) in Sea State 6 with 15-foot waves and more than 30 knots of wind around the infamous Point Conception
  • Demonstrated the ability to efficiently transform to a low-profile state in Sea State 6 and quickly return to sailing state when seas abated.
  • Saw very little to no biological growth on hull.
  • Tested and evaluated electrical loads and demonstrated the ability to reduce loads (“hibernate”) to manage energy levels and fully recover with solar energy.
  • Tested the ability to operate both autonomously (most of the journey) and remotely – Conducted mission changes and controlled and monitored the Submaran with several (dispersed) operators in both California and Australia.
  • Used the AIS system to identify nearby ships and allow operators to monitor navigation through one of the busiest shipping routes in the United States.
  • Monitored the vehicle with the backup tracker
  • Validated ease of recovery in open-ocean conditions with safe, efficient, single-point lift from water to on-deck of research vessel in less than less than 10 minutes

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Ocean Aero is an award-winning builder of environmentally-powered, autonomous, unmanned, underwater and surface vehicles. It’s signature product is the Submaran™, the first hybrid wind and solar-powered surface and subsurface vessel designed for extended ocean observation and data collection. The Submaran can be customized to fit the need of defined missions, ranging from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to marine mammal tracking, to Met-Ocean data gathering to persistent situational awareness. Based in San Diego, Ocean Aero gives customers the Freedom to Discover. For more information visit us at www.oceanaero.us.

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