Mike Freeman Contact Reporter

Ocean Aero, a San Diego blue tech company that makes a long-range wind and solar powered ocean drone, said it has received a second round of venture capital funding from Lockheed Martin and Energy Innovation Capital.

The amount raised was not disclosed, but Ocean Aero described it as “multi-million dollar strategic investment.”

The deal marks the second time that Lockheed Martin has put money into Ocean Aero and highlights how big aerospace companies are pushing the drone revolution into the seas.

Lockheed and Energy Innovation join Teledyne Marine as the top financial backers of Ocean Aero, which employs 20 workers.

The startup has developed the Submaran, which is capable of operating both above and below the surface. One of the company’s hybrid wind and solar powered vehicles recently completed an 11-day speed and endurance test off the California coast, traveling from Monterey Bay to the Channel Islands off Long Beach.

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