Extensive ocean observation
and strategic capabilities.

Advanced autonomous maritime
technologies enabling a range
of surface and subsurface tasks.

Built for speed, efficiency and maneuverability, the Ocean Aero Submaran© is powered by a unique composite wingsail. The combination of wind and solar power enables the Submaran to cover long distances with the navigating agility for extended station keeping and prolonged monitoring.

Practical and easy to transport from land, sea or air, the Submaran requires only a two-person team for launch and recovery. Solar rechargeable lithium ion batteries power a payload large enough to configure a wide range of sensors and observational systems.

Self-powered and autonomous, the Submaran can serve as persistent ISR and cross-communications gateway for an array of critical air, surface and subsurface tasks. From the bottom of the ocean to satellites in space, the Submaran can provide an essential communications link – with payload and power capacity to accommodate a wide range of platforms and systems.

For more details on how a Submaran can help link communications across a wide range of devices and domains, download your “Communications Gateway Guide

The Submaran is designed for stealth and survivability. The combination of wind and solar power – with the ability to submerge – gives the Submaran navigating agility for extended station keeping and prolonged observation. From critical infrastructure monitoring to law enforcement and special operations support, the Submaran can be a persistent link between situational awareness and coastal security.

For more details on how a Submaran can help support domain awareness and influence, download your “Submaran: Security and Surveillance Guide

The Submaran combines wind and solar power to provide navigating agility and self-sufficiency for extended station keeping and monitoring. Self-powered autonomy – with the ability to submerge – enables cost-effective deployment and extended survivability in demanding ocean conditions.

Easily configurable for sensors with scalable power and payload, the Submaran is an ideal autonomous platform for a wide range of critical data collection and monitoring applications.

For more details on Submaran platform versatility for scientific, commercial and industrial applications, download coming soon for the “Submaran: Observation and Research Guide”


Submaran offers the ideal platform for scientific, commercial, government, defense and intelligence applications including:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Remote Area Monitoring
  • Marine Mammal Tracking
  • Ocean Water Column Sampling
  • Fisheries Monitoring
  • Oceanographic Data Gathering
  • Meteorological Data Gathering
  • Bathymetry
  • Hydrography
  • Littoral Ocean Floor Mapping
  • Ocean Current Measurement
  • Asset Surveillance and Security
  • Gateway Communications

Providing the energy sector with the ability to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase sustainability.

Secure coastal borders and sensitive areas from illegal seaborne incursions with Ocean Aero’s continuous surveillance systems.

Collect an extensive variety of ocean-related data in real-time.

Get persistent data of large ocean areas by equipping Ocean Aero technology with sensors to monitor sea mammal vocalization across a broad frequency spectrum.

Use Ocean Aero’s autonomous, unmanned technology to complement human efforts and keep people safer.