Intelligent Autonomy: Using the Sun and
Wind to Power New Ideas in Ocean Exploration

Ocean Aero is an award-winning company that created
the world’s first environmentally-powered, Autonomous,
Underwater and Surface Vehicles (AUSVs)

Intelligent Autonomy: Using the Sun and Wind to Power
New Ideas in Ocean Exploration

Ocean Aero is an award-winning company that created
the world’s first environmentally-powered, Autonomous,
Underwater and Surface Vehicles (AUSVs)

Based in San Diego since 2012, we design, build, test, and manufacture a hybrid, wind and solar-powered, surface and subsurface vehicle for extended ocean observation and data collection. Supported by U.S. patents, our intelligent autonomous technology is ideally suited to fit the needs of a variety of strategic maritime missions, ranging from intelligence and surveillance to marine mammal tracking, to Met-Ocean data gathering to persistent situational awareness.

Our ocean drones are available in various configurations and scales and provide an efficient way to scout, discover, and navigate through the world’s oceans. The unique combination of folding wingsail and solar panels enables the vehicles to traverse long distances and hold station keeping for precise monitoring. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power command, control, and sensor payload functions. The retractable wingsail allows us to submerge and avoid harsh surface conditions, evade detection, and perform subsurface data collection tasks. The Launch and Recovery System (LARS) from ramp, dockside or at sea is a simple, safe, and time-saving solution. And the vehicles can be transported from land, air, and sea.

Our combined design, engineering and ocean experience spans world-class sailing, record-breaking dive depths, space flight, space jumping, piloting aircraft, carriers and unmanned vehicles.

Kevin Decker

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Decker is the Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Aero where he is responsible for strategic planning and translating the strategy across all functions to ensure the metrics, actions and goals of the company are in-line with its desired results. Bringing over a decade of commercial leadership experience across a wide range of companies in dozens of cultures and countries, he has a strong track record of building commercial teams, tailoring customer specific value propositions, and managing diverse groups of resources from front line sales associates to in-field application engineers and program managers.

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Prior to joining Ocean Aero, Decker was most recently the Chief Commercial Officer of Emulate, Inc., a biotech producing and offering services in the organs-on-chips space with the company’s technology and foundation being spun out of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Before Emulate, Decker was with Rexnord Industries where he served as the leader of the Rexnord Business System’s commercial team.

Decker served for 16 years at General Electric (GE) in multiple business units and held a range of management positions at GE Corporate, GE Distributed Power and GE Measurement & Controls, where he developed global sales pipelines, cultivated crosscompany customer pursuit teams, and championed the principles of Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) across the portfolio while leading market development and commercial operations teams.

Earlier in his career, Decker spent 7 years in GE’s leadership training program in the finance and audit group, obtained a Six Sigma black belt certification, and received his undergraduate degree in business administration from Boston University.

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